Improvements on CI/CD process - take 2

Using suggestions in previos post as a starting point, we iterated on improvements to our continous integration and deployment process. I have captured main points we discussed and came up with action items. Feel free to suggest any modifications or improvements.

Feature branch

Feature & User branches

We run different level of tests on our development branches. As shown in above diagram, we create branches (feature branches) from active development branch , /development. Then developers create branches from these feature branches for individual development (user branches).

Development workflow

Developers work from individual development branches (user branches). Every change push to user branch triggers a build (test cycle) in jenkins. On user branches jenkins run unit, integration and smoke tests. In addition, at end of the tests cycles jenkins reports back and mark commit as green (successful) or red (failed).

Developers can create pull requests only from a branch where last commit is marked as green. After reviewing pull request, reviewer can approve and merge pull request to feature branch. When a merge happens on feature branch, jenkins kicks off full tests suite. Our full test suite defined as follows

  1. Unit test
  2. Integration test
  3. Smoke test
  4. End to end tests

For feature branches, jenkins reports back and marks commits as either green or red.

Feature branches merges into active development branch. When feature development is done, developer creates a pull request to developer branch. After peer reviewing, pull request get merged into development branch. On changes on /development branch, jenkins runs full test suit and reports back status of the latest commit.

Release workflow

Release workflow

We maintain active development in /development branch. For release, development branch merged into /master and tag for the release. Then /master branch is tests and prepared for production deployment.

Handling hotfixes

When there is a need for hot fixes, we create a branch from release tag and apply hot fix into that branch. This patch release again merge into /master branch before pushing into production systems. In addition, this patch release get merged into /development branch.


One issues I had with this process is, builds on feature branches and development branches taking too long. This is essentially a side effect of functional (end-to-end) tests taking longer (2-3 hours) to run. However we decided to start with full test suite and make changes if necessary.

Action items